Reconstruction of Marynarska street – ncreased the numbers of driveways available

Due to the continuing reconstruction of Marynarska street, we are making every effort to ensure that the investment affects our Lessees as little as possible. Recently, we have increased the numbers of driveways available from the side of Cybernetyki street and we are now conducting a short survey among our Lessees pertaining to the reconstruction of that street. Opinions and comments thus gathered will be forwarded to bodies managing the investment.


Also in November, a new Lessee – Fabryka Okularów – opened an optical salon as part of its Doktor Marchewka network in New city. On this occasion, a Health Day was organised, as part of which it was possible for Lessees to have their eyesight tested, get advice about choosing glasses and advice about eye makeup, and to take part in simple tests to check their physical constitution.