More amenities in New City

In August, we introduced even more amenities to New City. Close to the middle of the month, we opened a commonly available terrace located on the roof of building C. During the opening, Lessees were able to enjoy grilled treats, drink some refreshing lemonade, and relax while admiring the view from one of the highest vantage points in the area. We are glad that the interest Lessees showed in the event was tremendous.


During the previous month, the first Bike2box bicycle rental machine in Poland was activated in New City. The device, meant to be used exclusively by our Lessees, makes it possible to rent bikes, making lightweight, folding bicycles available – which are an excellent addition to every trip.

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“NEW” Relax Zone open

Last month saw us organise a “NEW” Relax Zone in New City for our Lessees. It is located in the entresol, at the front desk. During the event, Lessees have had a chance to learn more about this new shared area of the building which will serve as a place for resting, holding informal meetings, or working in peace and tranquillity.


Numerous things of interest were made available to Lessees in the course of the event, including an opportunity to buy books of Burda publishing house and an opportunity to learn more about what travel agencies residing in our office building had to offer. All guests were treated to invigorating refreshments.

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Bike Day again in New City

Bike Day was once again organised in New City in June. As part of the event, we promoted commuting to work by bike and New City employees had access to a professional bicycle servicing station. Throughout the day, the servicing point accepted and improved the functioning of several dozens of bicycles. It was also possible during Bike Day to try out different types of bikes: there were MTB, street bicycles, folding bicycles, and an electric bike. The event once more drew considerable attention from our Lessees.


Also in June, work connected with refreshing green areas and replacing uneven cobblestones in front of the building with stone was completed.
We also managed to procure a renewed BREEAM in Use certificate for both buildings of the New City complex.

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Refresh the green areas around New City

In May, work connected with refreshing green areas outside of the New City complex commenced. Some plants were replaced, new ones were planted, and new green rooftop was added over air intakes. Old flower pots were re-painted, which gave them a more modern appearance. This, in connection with work consisting in replacing granite cobblestones which was started in the previous month, will make the vicinity of the complex shine with renewed splendour. Work regarding the layout of green areas and cobblestones will be continued in June.


In May, New City was also subjected to an external assessment for which we have been preparing for a long time. Property Management, procedures in place, and the coordination and quality of the functioning of all services provided to New City were evaluated. As of now, we are waiting for the results of that audit.

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International Earth Day in New City

As part of the global Earth Day, New City took part in collecting electrical waste. Lessees of space in the building were given a chance to dispose of their used-up electrical equipment free-of-charge. In April, one of our key lessees, Burda, a publishing house, organised a book sale in our office building, enabling New City employees to purchase the latest publications at attractive prices.


Over the course of the last month, we also carried out renovation work with regard to stone elements and a refreshment of shared areas.


We also activated a New City website at and completed our work on a promotional video.

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Level of satisfaction connected with using the New City complex

We conducted a survey among all users of the office building with regard to their level of satisfaction connected with using the New City complex. We asked our lessees not only for their opinion regarding our work and their level of satisfaction with the building but also about any changes they would like to propose. We continued gathering data until the end of April.

In March, we organised a Water Day for New City lessees. In addition to its obvious pro-ecological and educational value, this event was also an opportunity to treat lessees and guests of the building to some bottled water.

Like every year, the New City building took part in the Earth Hour initiative, turning off the lights on its glazed façade as a token of support.

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