New City is 95% Leased

Hines, the international real estate company, is pleased to announce the expansions and prolongations of lease agreements in the New City office building. The 11-storey Class A building located at ul. Marynarska 15 in Warsaw is the only building in this part of Mokotów district with three independent entrances/exits.Czytaj więcej

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New Agreements and Extensions of Lease Agreements in New City

Hines, the international real estate firm, has signed further agreements connected with the lease of space in New City, an office building located at 15 Marynarska Street in Warsaw. One of the agreements concerns the extension of the already leased office space. Czytaj więcej

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Further expansions and extensions of agreements in New City

Hines, the international real estate firm, has signed further agreements on the expansion of space and the extension of previous agreements with tenants of New City, an office building located at 15 Marynarska Street in Warsaw.Czytaj więcej

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DPS Poland Group to Move into New City

Hines, the international real estate firm, is pleased to announce that it has signed a new lease agreement for space in the New City office complex located at Marynarska 15 in Warsaw. DPS Poland Group will occupy over 870 square meters of office space in the complex. New City is owned by the Hines Global REIT fund managed by Hines Polska.

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Two Long-Term Tenants Extend Their Lease Agreements at New City

The decision to extend the agreement for another four years has been made by Europejskie Centrum Inwestycyjne SA (ECI SA). ECI SA has been operating in Poland since 1996. The company invests in the delivery of top-class office complexes, logistics bases, as well as residential and multi-purpose projects. ECI SA has had its headquarters in the complex since 2010, and currently occupies 720 square meters of office space.


The Warsaw office of Hapag-Lloyd Polska Sp. z o.o. has also decided to extend the lease agreement for another three years and increase the office space. Hapag-Lloyd Polska Sp. z o.o., is a leading global liner shipping company. Following the increase of its office space effective from August 2018, Hapag-Lloyd Polska will occupy 178 square meters at the New City complex.


„The New City complex has high-profile exposure, and it is characterized by a high standard of modern office space and common areas, attractive retail and service establishments on offer, as well as professional management. We are proud to know that the next long-term tenants make decisions to continue the development of their structures in our complex” – commented Edyta Wołukanis, asset manager, Hines Polska.

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New Contracts and extensions in the New City Office Complex

Hines, the international real estate firm, is pleased to announce the signing of two new lease agreements in the New City complex, located at Marynarska Street 15 in Warsaw. The total office space of the signed agreements exceeds 1,273 square meters. Additionally, the current tenant of New City has decided to extend occupied office and retail space, which will take nearly 1,400 square meters in the new configuration. New City office complex belongs to the Hines Global REIT fund managed by Hines Polska.


The first of the companies to move into the New City building at the end of April 2018 will be Valeo Service Eastern Europe Sp. z o.o., an international group specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of automotive parts and systems. The company belongs to the leading largest manufacturers of automotive spare parts. In the New City, its new office will occupy nearly 1,000 square meters of office space, on the fifth floor of the building. The contract was signed for a period of seven years. The tenant was represented by Colliers company in the negotiation process.


“Modern office space offered by the New City building will provide our employees with much better working conditions. Due to the dynamic growth of the company, we needed a flexible office space that would meet our requirements for the next few years,” said Simone Terreno, General Manager from Valeo Services Eastern Europe Sp. z o.o.


The second new tenant – Xiaomi H.K. Ltd, manufacturer and distributor of electronic devices such as mobile phones and accessories, rented approximately 300 square meters of office space on the fifth floor of the building. The New City complex was chosen by the tenant as the location for company’s first office in Poland.


“Decision on the location of the company’s first headquarters in Poland, was precisely analysed. The choice of New City was dictated by the excellent exhibition of the building and location that will offer our employees various transportation options,” commented Jason Zhang, EU Sales Manager from Xiaomi H.K. Ltd.


Additionally, Fabryka Okularów Sp. z o.o decided to extend occupied office and clinic space located in the New City complex. In total, after the expansion, the company will occupy nearly 1,400 square meters of office and retail space. Throughout the negotiations, Fabryka Okularów was represented by the Walter Herz consulting firm.


“Acquiring two new tenants in a time of a very competitive real estate market shows that the New City building remains an attractive location for companies. The excellent exposure of the complex, proximity of the nearby tram and bus stops, and access to the guests and tenants parking lot made an impact on such a choice. The quality of office space and professional management in the New City complex co-creates a friendly and comfortable working environment that is appreciated by tenants,” said Julia Racewicz, Asset Manager at Hines Polska.

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New City lobby gains Christmas decorations

December is traditionally a month when New City lobby gains Christmas decorations. In cooperation with Burda Publishing House and the SNA company, we organized Christmas fairs, as well as a festive snacks especially prepared for all employees. In December, a new tenant entered the 3rd floor: Xiaomi- company – manufacturer and distributor of electronic devices, including mobile phones and related accessories. The Lessee chose New City complex as the first location of company office in Poland. At the end of April 2018, Valeo Service Eastern Europe will join the group of tenants. The company is at the forefront of the largest manufacturers of automotive spare parts producers. In addition, Eyeglass Factory, which office and vision clinic are already located in the complex, made the decision to expand in the building.

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We finished small reception rearrangement works

In November, we finished small reception rearrangement works in New City. As a part of the work, the walls were refreshed, along with reception desk and furniture replacement. The reception has a fresh, modern look, which will certainly be appreciated by new tenants. November was also a month of free eye examination, organized by one of the newest tenants – Eyeglass Factory. The event was very popular and therefore it will be organized monthly. Eyewear Eyeglass Factory also chose NC as a photo field for its latest advertisement, which will soon be available on TV.

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October offers numerous events.

In October, we have once again organized blood donation in New City. As part of the action, a professional ambulance of the Regional Blood Donation Centre appeared on the premises of the complex, accompanied by nurses and doctors. The crew supervised the safety of all those who decided to donate blood.



On the occasion of Halloween, we invited the New City employees to crave together the pumpkins. The event, as in the past years, was very popular among the tenants. Every employee, with the help of a hostess, could create a pumpkin composition and take it back home afterwards.



Last month, the publishing house Burda organized also an autumn book fair. Once again, the New City employees had the occasion to purchase the publications of this publishing house at reduced prices.

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Car Free Day.

September 23rd is the European Car Free Day, during which, every year, we promote commuting to work using city transport. Delicious muffins, thematically related to public transport, were waiting for our tenants at the reception desk of the building. Eco approach is crucial for us!


In September, two new companies confirmed their willingness to join the group of New City tenants. Together, they will rent about 650 m2 of office space.


We began works related to the new fit-out of the small reception in the New City building. Within the scope of the project, the reception desk, the lightning, as well as the whole decoration of the reception will gain a new look.

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Fit-out works in the building.

August was the month during which we focused on the fit-out works of our tenants, i.e. for HAVI Logistics who will soon occupy the premises on the fourth floor. In the Allergan company, there are refurbishment works being carried out on the occupied surface. Valeo joined the group of New City tenants, with the plan to move into the building next year.

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New City cares for comfort of the tenants.

In order to meet the expectations of our tenants, we have created a smoking room. The new element, an aesthetically pleasing roofed object, has appeared in the side area of the complex.
The patio where the employees like to rest is also very popular. For greater comfort, we added more greenery to the space. Moreover, intensive works are being carried out concerning the revitalization of elevators.

We began cooperation with a new tenant who will move to New City in May 2018 and will occupy premises with the surface of about 980 m2.

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